First 100 people to receive a Project Ara smartphone announced

Remember Project ara? The initiative from Google that allows consumers to customize their own smartphone, the device consist of modules each with a different function (One module might be the CPU, another module the camera, another module the battery and so on) so users can configure the device to meet their needs. A Good example is if you love photography but never use bluetooth, you could put a better camera module on the device and remove the Bluetooth module. (See also: Phoneblocks)


Several months back Google have users the chance to join a beta program, as of now more then 90.000 people have signed up to try and win 1 of the first 100 free Project Ara smartphones, Google has just announced the winners. Here is the count of winners for each country:

  • United States: 31
  • Spain: 5
  • Canada: 2
  • Germany: 10
  • Italy: 8
  • Switzerland: 3
  • UK: 6
  • Russia: 1
  • New Zealand: 2
  • Japan: 1
  • China: 1
  • Malaysia: 1
  • Lithuania: 1
  • India: 3
  • France: 3
  • Ireland: 1
  • Brazil: 1
  • Ukraine: 1
  • Belgium: 2
  • 17 people with unknown locations

You can look on the first if you are one of the lucky winners here. Are you one of the lucky? Let us know!

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