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Fifth generation iPad video and images leaked

The guys at Unbox Therapy have just published a video of the fifth generation iPad. In the video they show off the new design and compare the new model to the old model, as of now this has been the best high resolution video we have seen of the new iPad 5.

Surprisingly, The new iPad doesn’t only have a new design but as far as width goes is 1.5cm smaller then the iPad 4, but the screen size is the same, they have done this by making the bezel much smaller allowing you to get much more screen on a smaller device, giving it a overall better look, also the iPad 5 will be 2.5mm thinner then the previous generation iPad which was 18.5mm, in the video they show that the new iPad will be 15mm thin.

We might see the new iPad 5 getting announced at the September 10 keynote together with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C which we also expect to get revealed.

Here is a Gallery featuring some of the HD images from the new iPad 5 next to the older iPad 4. Image’s are from Unbox Therapy and 9To5Mac [Click image to launch gallery]

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