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Why Buy from Camping Specialists Makes Your Journey Even Better

There are many stores available online now that offer camping equipment and they stock some excellent products.  But there are clear benefits to using camping specialists to stock up on essentials and extras to ensure your trip is a success.  When you shop from Military 1st, for example, you are using a store that is created especially for serious camping and hiking fans offering army style footwear, camping equipment, clothing and equipment for the most dedicated outdoor enthusiasts.

Toiletry bag camping style

Let’s take the toiletry bag as an example.  For most people, these are small bags to hold a few basic toiletries during a trip or a weekend away.  They are often matching with other pieces of luggage and might have a compartment or two.

The Maxpedition Lightweight Toiletry Bag is a specialist piece of equipment for serious outdoor fans.  The bag comes from the Advanced Gear Research range from Maxpedition and is a low profile, tactical wash bag that can hang via a garment hook within the tent or through a buckle connector.  The bag has a main compartment with a two-way zipper as well as two zipped pockets, four sleeve pockets and elastic keepers.  Within it is a shatter resistant mirror that comes with a hook and loop backing and a carry-on pouch for liquids that is completely detachable and measures 9 x 6 inches.

As well as being practical in terms of the compartments and storage, the bag is also made with abrasion and water resistant 500D Hex Ripstop nylon fabric and has a skin friendly Nylon seatbelt weaving. This makes for a tough and practical bag to store essentials that will handle being used for any outdoor experience.

Why Buy from Camping Specialists Makes Your Journey Even Better - 1

Vacuum insulated drinks tumbler

Both hot and cold drinks are crucial when on a camping trip or outdoor experience and maintain the right temperature is only one part of what an outdoor fan needs from a tumbler. The Klean Kanteen Tumbler Vacuum Insulated range come in three sizes and with two types of finish to suit all tastes and requirements, and all can insulate both hot and cold drinks.

The tumblers use a double walled construction with high performance vacuum insulation.  The food grade stainless steel material won’t taint the contents and won’t shatter like glass if it is dropped or impacted. They come complete with lid, and you can choose between 592ml (20 oz.), 473ml (16oz) and 237ml or 8 oz. capacity.

Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED Flashlight

The Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED Flashlight is built with long-lasting machined aluminium for durability, making it ideal for long hikes through difficult terrain. The torch itself has a high and low light output modes with up to 250 Lumens, allowing the LED light to be exceptionally bright or dim when needed. The real beauty of this flashlight is that it is, in fact, not just one but three items. You can use it as Torch, Lantern or Safety Light. Use the Flashlight mode on the go, activate the Lantern mode with a simple sliding motion when stationary, and the Safety Light in a case of an emergency when SOS mode is required. Moreover, you can fit your Nite Ize 3-in-1 LED Flashlight into any tool bag and attach it to your body with the lanyard loop.


Using specialists to get the best camping and outdoor equipment means you can often find the kind of things that aren’t available in other stores.  You can ensure you have the toughest equipment for the job and with free delivery available, it won’t cost you anything extra to shop online.