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Registering a Patent for a Tech Startup

A patent is a right granted by the government that allows a patent holder to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing that which is claimed in the patent over a period. It’s always necessary to have a patent for a tech startup and MorningsideIP can help guide and advise you through the process.

Patents are needed to increase leverage over a strategic partner, increase short, and long term valuation which attracts investors, and also discourage other competitors since a patent has been placed. To develop an effective patent portfolio, you need to devise a patent portfolio strategy aligned with the objectives of the patent stated.

Process of registering a patent for a tech startup

Tech startups are always in need of a patent to help the inventor make the most out of his idea before others copy. The procedure to obtain a patent for a tech startup will include;

•    Carrying out a patent search to ensure that the idea doesn’t already exist before you think of it.

•    Decide whether to apply for a provisional or non-provisional patent. Provisional patents are those that last for just 12 months and are less expensive compared to non-provision patents which are for 20 years. Your decision in this situation depends on your resources.

•    A three-track patent system is used to determine how fast you want your application processed because applications normally take 2-3 years to be granted. For an extra fee, it will take just 12 months.

•    A patent attorney is required at this stage. It’s always necessary to have an attorney because they are more experienced with the processes and procedures. But if you decide to do the process alone, you will need to apply to the patent office for a customer number. The best guide for this purpose is Morningside IP.

•    A patent examiner is assigned to your case. The examiner will inform you if the idea is patentable but if not, you have the opportunity to amend the ideas and request for consideration.

•    Once the application has been approved or amended to be considered, the inventor is required to pay the issue and publication fee for it to be granted. There is still a requirement to pay an amount after a certain number of years for the maintenance of the patent.


When creating a patent some things are to be taken into consideration such as; simplicity of the language, precise format to use, keep the audience in mind, use the commas when needed, use the right preposition, choose the right words, and use the right verb sentence when writing the patent.

To register for a PCT international patent, be mindful of the 12-month deadline for filing an international patent under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Check your countries deadline, draft a PCT patent application, file the application, pay the required fee, and wait for the international patent search to be conducted, nationalise your foreign patent and enforce your patent.

Filing for patent internationally can be tricky, Morningside IP has foreign patent experts who can offer further advice and guidance to enable you protected you tech idea from being copied by the world.

Morningside IP offers a one-stop solution for patent translation and worldwide patent filing. We streamline the procedure to bring down translation and agency fees drastically. We work with top foreign patent experts to deliver quality services and also to ensure you get the best patent deal your cash can acquire based on how quick, and the type of patent required.

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