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Essay: Online Marketing Communication

Marketing communication is one of the newest methods of marketing. If you want to attract customers to your product, you should advertise it in the proper way. In the traditional understanding marketing communication is a complex of processes, such as public relations, sales, sponsorship, advertising, promotion, personal selling, etc. Due to the rapid development of the Internet, nearly everyone has got the access towards the global network nowadays. Therefore, marketers have a good chance to use the Internet and its tools for online marketing communication. According to the latest statistics, online marketing communication is cheaper and much more effective. It is easier to advertise new products and find new customers with the help of the Internet. There are several ways to do it successfully.

2564571564_f4b10ffe86_oThe easiest and the cheapest type of online marketing communication is social media marketing. Everyone can create an account in Facebook, Twitter or MySpace and use it in the way he likes. Someone uses social networks for communication and new ideas. Others use this precious tool for marketing. Your Facebook account costs nothing and you can make posts devoted to your company, products, sales and promotions. You can make any number of posts every day. No one limits you in this job. In fact, you should learn how to make your business Facebook account interesting to common users. You ought to invite people in your community and support their interest in your activity all the time. The news page in any social network is updated every second; therefore, your ad is going down until no one reads it. Thus, you should create a new ad every hour to make users remember about your existence.

Another kind of marketing communication is display marketing. The explanation of this term is very simple. When you visit any website and see ads on your screen, you can observe the brightest example of display marketing. This type of communication is not free. If you want a website to place your ad on its page, you will have to pay its owner for this advantage. In addition, the more popular website is, the more you will have to pay. If a website is popular, thousands of people visit it every day. It means that more people will see your ad and become interested in your product. As a result, you have more chances to make money. In fact, this type of online marketing communication is disputable. Frankly speaking, users do not like such ads on the screens of their computers. There are many tools that block such ads on the websites whereas users avoid looking at them.

The most complex and expensive type of online marketing communication is online PR. Online PR is aimed at the creation of the favorable opinion of a company and its products. If you want to make your company recognizable, you will have to work hard. Furthermore, you will need to invest cash into this idea. The name of your company or product should be in social networks, blogs, various websites, etc. It is wise to hire a few writers who will create several blogs about your company and discuss your products there. Your social network accounts should possess retweets and links to such blogs and websites that describe and analyze your products positively. Users should see your brand everywhere. Moreover, they should see only positive feedback about it. Without doubt, one should hire a team of marketers, writers and designers who will do this kind of work professionally.

8244547406_d699138a49_zIt is impossible to omit search engine marketing. When one is looking for something in the Internet, he wants to spend as little time on it as possible. There is hardly a person who will look through the websites placed on the fifth or tenth page in Google search engine. Users look at the first two pages attentively. If they do not find the required information there, they do not expect to find it farther. No wonder, the majority of companies strive to place their official websites devoted to their products on the top of the list in Google or Bing. Of course, this favorable position costs money. One will need to pay a lot for the best positioning in search engines.

It is possible to mention such relationships as price comparison. There are websites where customers compare prices of the similar products of several brands and discuss them openly. Without question, it is easy to hire a few writers who will write positive opinions about the chosen products improving the reputation of your brand.

In conclusion, online marketing communication is a broad and complex issue. If you want to attract the wide audience to your products, you can use the Internet and its advantages – online PR, opt-in-email marketing, social networks, display marketing, etc.

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