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How Emerging Technology Can Improve Patient Communication

Cloud technology has been here for a good while now, and it’s quickly becoming very very common. Clouds are extremely useful for many things, and are becoming an indispensible tool for various industries. Perhaps one of it’s absolute best uses is in the medical field

Patient portal technology allows for an increased level of communication between patient and doctor. Firstly, it allows for much less office or clinic or hospital visits in many cases, since it often allows for patients to test themselves at home and submit the results to the cloud, which can then be reviewed by the doctor.

As an example, before cloud technology, doctors who wanted to consistently monitor a patient’s blood pressure over a 24 or 48 hour period (common for many different conditions), they either had to have the patient come in and stay that whole time in a clinic or hospital setting, or in the case of patients who could afford such an extravagance, a professional would come in and monitor them at home, once again for the whole time. Now with cloud technology, the patient can take the machine home and leave it on, and just send the readings in as they are taken. In some cases, even that step is eliminated, as the newest generation of machines connect to the internet on their own and automatically upload the results.

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And that is just one small example; these days wearables for medical reasons are becoming more and more common, and can even save lives. In the day to day world, they also help keep doctors and patients more up to date about how they are really doing, how they may be responding to treatments etc. In the next year or two, the antiquated and questionable technology of the insulin pump, for example, is liable to become obsolete, replaced with the next generation of technology that will not only prevent deaths, it will also vastly improve and extend the lives of millions.

In general, electronic health records technology (or the slightly older electronic medical records), are incredible tools that are unlocking enormous potential to improve human health in general by increasing the speed and accuracy of passing critical medical data between medical professionals and their patients. Here are some of the benefits of EMRs and the newer EHRS. Note that it’s often overlooked how powerful EHRs are in that they can be shared with professionals the world over, allowing you seamless medical treatment based accurately on your medical history wherever you may be.