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Why Effective Link Building is Key to Success

In the world of SEO, effective link building can be the very key to your success. Every established SEO company focuses on this aspect, as link building determines if your website will get a higher ranking on search result page or not. There are many methods you can utilise that will build links to your website and thus increase your rank and lead to your quality, successful SEO campaign. In this article, we will offer some tips on how to create an effective link building which will lead to your success.

Some businesses, being impatient and wanting to see quick results, tend to build links too fast and later suffer penalties by search engines, like being given low ranking and the like. Some opt for buying links to their sites and end up being penalised all the same. Therefore, our best suggestion on link building strategies for small businesses is to build your links slowly but steadily. As a matter of course, you need to possess good content in order to generate effective link building. This is so because quality content can stay in the long run and can bring about return visits too. Besides, creating and maintaining good-quality content on your site, employ some or all of these following strategies to ensure you have generated relevant backlinking.

  1. Utilising Social Networks

Frankly speaking, who doesn’t utilise SNS these days? That is because social networks are the most effective marketing and promoting tools, and search engines like Google prefer links that come from these social networking sites. Besides, not only can you get backlinks from social networks, but you can also build a firm, loyal fan base for your site. To do this, you have to create pages on various social networking sites and stay active by updating useful and interesting information and links related to your page (and business). Over time, you will gather more likes, followers, and visits, which will increase your page rank and authority.


  1. Posting on Forums

Besides sharing information, forum posting can help generate a lot of backlinks.

However, as an advice from Quantum whose expertise in SEO in Sydney is widely recognised, you should be careful in posting on forums. Do not spam forums just for the sake of getting backlinks because it will do you more harm than good. Instead, seek to give valuable information and genuine advice, and this will in turn help you get more backlinks.

  1. Blog Commenting


To many people’s ignorance, blog commenting can actually be an effective way for you to create quality, relevant backlinks. You can share valuable information and related opinions on particular topics and at the same time leave your URL and establish permanent backlinks. The gist of commenting on blogs is to carefully look for blogs with high page rank as they will lend you more authority. However, do not just leave comments just like those blog spammers do. Rather, try to comment relevant information and opinions on these blogs regularly to build up a good relationship with the blog owners.

If you are looking for better methods to generate quality link building, the aforementioned tips can be helpful. Therefore, consider fitting them into your link building plan so as to get the best possible result.