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Call of Duty Warzone: How To Win In The Solo Playlist

Want to win more games in the solo playlist of COD: Warzone? Read on to get your hands on some tips and tricks for the game!

Left all alone to fend for yourself in a tough COD Warzone solo game? Well, if you’re a pro, you won’t really need a huge team to win a game. In fact, playing solo can often be so much more rewarding. But how exactly do you become a pro at Call of Duty: Warzone’s solo playlist?

For one, check out Battlelog for a range of tricks and cheats. You can visit their official website to try it today. We also have some fantastic tips to help you win the solo game. Keep reading to start winning!

Land at right place

Landing is of utmost priority when playing solo in COD: Warzone. Landing in a crowded area increases the chances of an early exit. You may get heavy kills, but most times, you will be shot dead.

In solo, you don’t have the teammates to aid your looting. So, you will need extra time to get the best resources and secure all the loot. Landing at the right place gives you those few additional minutes to search for loot. Therefore, look for relatively isolated places to land.

Be passive

Sounds weird, right? It’s not for the COD Warzone solo playlist. Playing passive is a necessity to win in solo mode. By doing so, you can wait for the right opportunity to attack your opponent without risking yourself.

But you should keep moving as well as staying in one place can expose you to the enemy. So be in an area with multiple lines of sight to see the enemy properly and move as swiftly as possible to avoid attacks.

Use your money wisely

As you are playing solo, you need not save money for your teammates. But it is crucial to spend your money wisely. Infact, invest it in the correct inventory. A crucial one of them is UAV. A UAV gives you a sense of the position of your enemy.

Moreover, you can buy shields and weapons to maximize the damage caused to the opponent. Money can also buy you some healing power if you get low on health. Hence, use the bucks wisely.

Try the Truck

Big Bertha truck is the biggest asset in the solo mode. Irrespective of your gameplay, having a truck improves your game exponentially.

As you control the truck, you can roam around and get a healthy amount of kills before the truck explodes. It gives you the head start in the game that you can use to win. If the truck is with you till the end, there is no stopping you.

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Use silencers

As you shoot in Warzone, the whole world can hear the noise of your gun. As a solo player, you must put a silencer on your gun. It reduces the chances of the opponent listening to your gun noise. This, in turn, helps you secure a better position against your enemy.

As the enemy cannot mark your presence, you can catch them off guard with your skills. It is crucial to take advantage of such a situation and bag some kills.

Look at the circle

The circle is a crucial part of the COD: Warzone strategy. With time, you must ensure to follow the circle diligently to ensure the minimum damage. Completing contracts can help you in getting control of the circle.

Some contracts give you the vision to see the movement of the circle in real-time. They help you in predicting the future position of the circle as well. Predicting the circle’s position lets you proceed towards the predicted area slowly. It helps you reach safety even during a tough game.

Get the Best Weapons

You cannot fight without weapons. So, it is crucial to have the maximum loot containing a variety of weapons. From the time you land, you should try securing as many weapons as possible.

Not having enough loot can handicap you in a one-to-one fight. You will feel the lack of weapons and shields and might end up losing. So, stock up well on your weapons as early in the solo game as possible.


Follow the above tips in every Warzone solo game, and you’ll surely be a pro at it soon. And no matter what, trust your instincts if nothing else works. Comment down below with more Warzone solo tips and tricks of your own.