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Leaked Galaxy Note 4 price show it could be the cheapest Galaxy Note yet

Previous rumors indicate that Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone the Galaxy Note 4 will be released earlier in South Korea then the rest of the world and now new rumors indicate that it might become the cheapest smartphone from the Galaxy Note series.

According to ZDNet Korea leaked screenshots from SK Telecom show a low factory Galaxy Note 4 price of 957,000 Won which means it will be the first time that a Galaxy Note device becomes available for less then 1.000.000 Won. While this might not mean much for those who live in Europe and the US smartphones are usually much more expensive in Korea (957.000 Won is roughly $917) and if it becomes cheaper in Korea we could see the same price drop happen in other regions.

While the Galaxy Note 4 might become the cheapest the upcoming Galaxy Note Edge might become the most expensive according to new rumors starting at a price of $US 1,139