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Better image quality for your CCTV with Avigilon

When you have a security camera network it is paramount to have good image quality and a high functioning system so you can maximise security and be able to catch anyone who perpetrates crime on the property under surveillance. With these systems you can expect unparalleled quality, revolutionising how you approach security.

If you are looking for a new camera network in order to upgrade your current system, then there is an ideal solution out there for you. It is crucial to have a security system which is streamlined and which can give you maximum security. Using an analog video recorder could be exactly what you need as this solution will truly transform your security system.

When it comes to security and using CCTV, there is nothing more important than having image detail. This means that nothing will go amiss on your watch and you can get clarity about what crime has happened, where, and most importantly, who has perpetrated it.

Many companies and homeowners choose Avigilon encoding as this can be used with your camera network as it is, but by using an updated IP-based solution. This makes it very easy to install but gives you instant results. With clearer images you can see events as clear as day meaning if the worst comes to happen you have solid evidence at least.

These encoders are very effective as they minimise the storage requirements for your IP security system. At the same time they use less bandwidth which makes the whole operation more efficient, unlike classic CCTV footage which is often grainy, making it hard to identify people from it.

Often it is found that security footage is not high quality or detailed enough to establish who has been caught on the footage, meaning it can be hard to bring this to court as evidence. With this high image quality, this is no longer a problem as you are unlocking the full potential of your camera network. With this state of the art technology you will have greater coverage of all the areas which need surveillance. You are really getting the full potential from your camera network and as a result, improve the protection you can offer the property and those people using it.

Whether you are looking to get a system for a public space or a private property, these systems are widely hailed as the best and they are also cost effective. There are plenty of benefits from keeping your budget to a minimum while making it easier to identify suspects. It also means that you need fewer cameras on site, so ultimately you save on installation as well as the amount of bandwidth you use.

With the cost of ownership lowered, but with the image quality improved, you can use the footage to gain convictions as they offer solid evidence. Equally, having this system acts as a greater crime deterrent than more traditional CCTV networks. Criminals can often identify the types of security systems being used and are therefore less likely to take the chance.