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What is RedditMade? Meet Reddits own Crowdfunding service

Reddit is a community driven social network and in the past, users have created a lot of original new stuff (mainly new weird memes though) but now Reddit is planning on making things together even easier, with RedditMade. Lets take a closer look what RedditMade is all about, how to use it and why it is such a great service.

What is RedditMade?

RedditMade can be considered the Kickstarter of Reddit, for those who don’t know what kickstarter is, its a crowdfunding website that allows users to raise money for a certain project or cause via the Internet and Social Media. The main difference between Crowdfunding and an investment (from for example: A Venture Capitalists) is that there is no guarantee that it will be repaid if the venture is successful. Lets say you love a product on RedditMade, if you decide to donate money to the product, the creator isn’t forced to give anything in return.

Steps to starting your own successful RedditMade campaign

If you are interested in starting your own Campaign, everybody is able to do so however, there are a few requirements you will have to meet in order to do so:

  • You need a Reddit Account (duh!)
  • You need to be at least 14 years or older
  • The product you are trying to get funding for has to be “shippable” (it has to be able to fit in a box)
  • Have an US Bank account

If you are interested in creating your own campaign, make sure to start here.

Limitations to RedditMade and why it isn’t exactly like Kickstarter

While on Kickstarter everybody is free to start a campaign for almost anything, on RedditMade there are a few limitations. The service has been mainly set up to get funding for a T-shirt to be made, these can be submitted in seconds and is something that isn’t hard to do, however, anything that isn’t a T-shirt  you’ll need an idea of the type of product you’d like to make and approximately how many you think people want to buy, some rough examples of artwork for your product, and an idea about where the proceeds from your campaign will go.

One of the key differences about RedditMade is that you’ll need to be willing to work with RedditMade, the team will help you with your product’s design, production, campaign and eventually selling the actual product to the user, more on teamwork can be found here