Android Lollipop FAQ: Exclamation mark next to WIFI Signal meaning

If you have been using Android 5.0 Lollipop for some time now you might have noticed a small exclamation mark next to WIFI signal. Google has made Android 5.0 a little smarter when it comes to choosing a connection, if it detects it is connected to a WIFI that doesn’t have an internet connection it will automatically switch to 3G to keep the connection going, if this is the case your device will show an icon similar to the one in the image bellow:

Android Lollipop wifi !

This is pretty cool and handy, specially for those who don’t have great internet at home. Previous Android versions would simply show a modified icon of which many users had no clue what it meant and weren’t sure what to do to fix it. The Wifi icon with the Exclamation mark will also appear on notification center if there is no connection.

While you are at it, you might also find it interesting to compare your Wifi and 3G/4G speed, learn how to do so here

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  1. This is a pretty useless additional feature. The signal icon already auto equipped us with switch back n fore LTE/3G appear to the icon. Same as the WiFi, the bars indicate the signal strength.
    No wonder Google founders step away from the day to day operation and design. It’s pretty embarassing of having Google turn into another Microsoft in creativities. Try to hard to impress users instead of product something with quality, simplicity, practical.
    Of course, many tech savvy wannabe know how always try to impress others by writing blogs and reviews to hype up the OS as Microsoft windows back in the 80 and 90’s, even it’s a crappy piece of half baked OS: overly done, under baked, try to hard to impressed youngsters instead practical, too many scientists and engineers to do one little tiny task.

    1. Right on the o the above. After using the pop for a week now on my Nexus 4; I’m convinced style (especially visual) was emphasized at the expense of overall use ability. Much more laggy almost rendering swipe function on keyboard useless. Hope users other 4s are fairing better. For 4 users; if you haven’t upgraded yet, wait until the first patch comes out. Project Butter 2.0 pk please. Added animations are cool visually; only if they don’t get in the way of what was great in KitKat. Pet peeve… What up with using that nasty pastel green all over the place?

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