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Top 3 best new features in the iPad Air

Apple has finally revealed the fifth generation iPad during its October 22 keynote, you can check out our full event round up to get a in to detail look at all the new introduced products but the most exciting product of them all is by far the new iPad Air. The iPad Air features several huge improvements over its predecessor but has 3 new features that really make it stand out from the crowd and competition. Here are the Top 3 new features in the iPad Air

1. The all new design

The iPad design hasn’t changed since 2011 but the iPad Air features a new design similar to the design of the iPad Mini, allowing it to be a much thinner (just 7.5mm thick) making it 20% thinner, the device also features a new and lighter aluminium backpanel making the total weight of the device just 1.0 pound. The new design fits the product great and gives you more choice in color since the new iPad Air will be available in silver and white and space grey and black color

2. The A7 64bit processor

Apple is really into the 64-bit. First the iPhone 5S and now the iPad mini and iPad Air will also feature Apple’s newest A7 processor and M7 coprocessor making the device 8 times faster then the previous model. The 64 bit processor also means that the iPad Air will feature the 64-bit iOS 7 version and will allow 64-bit Apps to be used on the device. The fact that Apple has upgraded the processor also means that the iPad has just became a even greater and faster gaming device.

3. iWork and iLife and 64 bit

Our Number 3 best feature does seem a bit odd, but the people that use the iPad for business will love this new “feature”. The 64 bit optimized and completely redesigned and improved iWork and iLife apps will work 3 times faster on the new iPad Air then on the older versions.