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3 Best 3G / 4G Speed test app for Android and iOS

Carriers these days charge us a significant amount every month to be able to use 3G and 4G on our smartphones. With 3G having an average speed of 1.3Mb/s in the United States and 4G having an average speed of  8.1Mbps in the United States (source) while speeds can reach up to 100Mb/s it is interesting to know how much speed your carrier is really providing. (You can learn more about 5G here with speeds of up to 10GB/s)

Fastest 4G carrier in the United States

Before we go into how to measure your device’s 4G speed we want to list the US carriers with the fastest 4G speeds according to data from PCWorld, they are the following:

  1. AT&T
  2. Verizon
  3. T-Mobile
  4. Sprint

Best 3G and 4G Speed test app for Android and iOS


speedtest app android ios

SpeedTest.Net is one of the most famous speed testing websites out there and its app is also doing well. The app offers a ton of different Speed Test Servers allowing you to test your connectivity with. The app also provides a clear interface and works fast with both Wifi, 3G and 4G testing, the results will be stored on the app and can be viewed back later. If you are looking for a great app, there is no doubt that this is your number 1 go-to app. Check it out on the Play Store and App Store

2. SpeedSpot

SpeedSpot is both an internet speed testing app and wifi finder. The combination of these two are great but it also reflects on the speed test results as they are not that accurate and the interface is incredibly simple, the app doesn’t provide as much detail as You can check out SpeedSpot in the PlayStore or App Store

3. Sensorly

IS a great Speed test app but with a little twist, providing some handy information as it will demonstrate how other users around your are have done with different carriers showing you which carrier the fastest 3G or 4G speed has. You can download Sensorly from the PlayStore or App Store