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Utilize Reliable Fundraising Software to Acquire Multiple Benefits

Fundraising plays a vital role in almost all kinds of nonprofit organizations. This process requires lots of effort, teamwork, and smart planning to reach the fundraising objective. If you seek for a secure way to achieve and grow the fundraising goal of your organization, you can consider an effective fundraising platform. Donorbox is excellent fundraising software well-known for its simplicity and convenience. It is not only simple to use but also helps you to attract lots of recurring donors. Online donation provides several benefits which improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. Thus, you can start the fundraising process by using this optimized and fast donation payment method.

Select the right software

Both the branding and marketing of your non-profit organization are essential for achieving the overall success of a fundraising platform. The best tool allows for the customization of graphics, logos, and color scheme. Hence, the donation platform looks like it is developed for your non-profit organization. With a reliable platform, you can view both opportunities and trends. It helps you to gather lots of data on the donors, and other interested individuals. Along with this, it let you know the techniques to target the new perspective donors via social sharing options.

Main features

Having a suitable fundraising platform is a convenient way to communicate with everyone involved in the campaign. 

If you need lots of volunteers, you can immediately send the email to inquire about the volunteers. 

Donation software also comes with many other features to enhance your user experience without compromising on safety.

  • It can embed to the website seamlessly
  • There is also a popup widget available – which makes the donation form very intuitive and user friendly. 
  • Accept the monthly recurring donations – increase your donations with monthly giving programs. 
  • The donors manage the recurring plans easily – Each donors gets their login details and they can easily manage their recurring donations. 
  • Take payments through Apple Pay, SEPA bank transfers, cards, PayPal, and Google Pay. It’s always better to have accept as many payments methods as possible. 
  • It is compatible with various CMS systems such as Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Site 123, and WordPress
  • Equipped with simple-to-customize and mobile-friendly donation pages. 
  • Easily integrate your donor details with CRMs like Salesforce and more. 
  • Donorbox integrates with Zapier, which in turn gives you the power of connecting the data with plenty of other apps out there. 

Utilize Reliable Fundraising Software to Acquire Multiple Benefits - 1

What makes fundraising platform beneficial?

One of the most important reasons to choose Donorbox is that it does not include any upfront costs. As the nonprofit organizations with below $1000 in donation every month, you can use this platform for entirely free.  If you desire to know other benefits of using this software, you can look at the following points.

  • Tracking the metrics for every fundraising campaign
  • Collect sufficient details regarding volunteers
  • Keeping track of your supporter engagement
  • Sending the donor communications like thank you mails and invitations
  • Save your valuable time by automating the entire functionality
  • It offers scheduled touchpoints for the donors and scheduled reporting for board and staffs
  • Fast and convenient multi-step checkout for donors
  • This software is secured by PCI and TLS/SSL compliant
  • Most significantly, it is optimized for tablet, desktop, and mobile phones

It’s all about finding the right software which suits your needs. If you are a nonprofit organization or anyone who is just starting out and looking for a very reliable system, then Donorbox is the best solution out there. 

Please do your due diligence on other apps, but trust us, you will find out that Donorbox is one of the best platform out there. 


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