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Adblock developers start campaign to buy advertisement to block them

The developers of the famous web extension AdBlock which block ad’s that websites display, have started a campaign to raise money so they can “Buy advertisement spots from websites to display no ads”. Wait, what? buy ads to display no ads? Yes. Michael Gundlach the founder of AdBlock is planning on buying advertisement of websites to display no ads on them.

If they hit the minimum of $25.000 they will start the campaign and buy ads from several websites, if they hit the $50.000 mark they will buy the Time Square Billboard, if they hit the $150.000 they will buy a full spread in the new york times and the most interesting thing is the last one. If they hit their final goal of $4.7 million dollars they will buy a TV spot during the 2014 Super Bowl.

AdBlock has been getting more and more popular, allowing users to surf a ad free web, while websites are struggling to make profits. Here is the “Its time to spread the word” Campaign video

The Adblock extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari