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Instagram will start to serve Ads to its 150 million users within the next year

Instagram has confirmed to WSJ that it will start to implement Ads into its service that is currently being used by over 150 million people every month. Instagram launched back in 2010 and was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $5 billion dollars and since then over 50 million new users have joined the service and over 16 billion pictures have been shared. As of now Instagram has no way of generating revenue, but this will soon change.

Instagram has expanded to over 50 employees which are currently reviewing every business and catalog every major brand account on Instagram, and then went to meet those companies (among those are Coca cola and Ford). As of now we don’t know what type of Ads will be implemented, but its safe to say that ads are going to be showing up in your feed.

How do you think instagram will show its Ads? Share your thoughts in a comment bellow!