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Vacuum Beard Trimmers: The Gift to Your Bathroom

Well, winter is once again approaching and for a lot of us that means one thing.. beard growing season! Whether it’s the old cliché of keeping you warm, or you just love a beard in the winter, you’ll need one essential piece of kit to keep that beard tidy, you guessed it, a beard trimmer.


Men don’t just want to keep the perfect beard looking neat and tidy, nowadays they also want to keep their bathrooms in top condition, without putting too much time and effort into it that is. We’ve found the solution.


Beard Trimmers aren’t on the cutting edge of technology, they’re nothing new. Whilst that’s true, there is a type of trimmer that has gone relatively under the radar. I ask you this, what’s the worst bit about using your trimmer? … There aren’t many.. but one irritant is the clear up job afterwards, the small clippings of hair go absolutely everywhere, from the edge of the sink, down to your feet or entangled in your chest hair!


Not anymore, well, almost. Whilst they’re a fantastic bit of kit, we still need to remember they’re small devices and nothing is perfect. They will generally vacuum up about 80-90% of the hairs – which isn’t bad.


There are beard trimmers out there with a built-in vacuum system, yes, you read that correctly. Built into your trimmer (depending on model to model) there is literally a small hair collection chamber which gets populated as the integrated vacuum mechanism absorbs all the small stubbles of hair!


Great news huh!


There are loads of benefits of having an integrated vacuum in your beard trimmer, but we’d be here all day going through them all. So, we’re just going to bring your attention to the essentials.


Time Efficient. Don’t get me wrong, trimming your beard isn’t the most intensive of grooming rituals but in today’s fast-paced world, saving a bit of time can’t be a bad thing, and using a trimmer with the integrated vacuum is ideal, no more cleaning up.


Pleasing the Other Half. We’ve all been there, little squabbles for not keeping the bathroom in the condition you’d expect to see in a penthouse suite in Vegas, it’s just not always possible.


So, there you have it. The unbeatable combo of keeping your precious beard looking as good as it does when you leave the barbers and a clean bathroom. Everyone wins.


If you’re intrigued and would like to know more about vacuum beard trimmers, or just beard trimmers in general, we recommend having a little look around They’ve got tons more beard related information and plenty of reviews, well worth stopping by to find the best beard trimmer for you.