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3 Best protective Nexus 6 cases

The Nexus 6 is the most expensive Nexus smartphone yet which is just another reason to the already long list of reasons why you should get a protective case for your Nexus 6. The large 5.9inch display is also a source of problems when it comes to phone dropping, using a protective case could prevent it from shattering when you drop it. Lets take a look at the 3 best protective nexus 6 cases

Nexus 6 Spigen Slim Armor Case

Nexus 6 protective case spigen

Spigen is well known for its protective cases and it has managed to pull of a great job with the Slim Armor case for the Nexus 6. Available in 3 colors, this light Polycarbonate case looks great and Advanced Shock Absorption Technology to keep your device protected if dropped. It also features a handy little stand and logo cut out to reveal the beautiful M logo from Motorola. The spigen case is our choice as the best protective nexus 6 case. Check it out on Amazon

Nexus 6 Dual Layer Heavy Duty Holster Case

Nexus 6 cellbee protective armor case

If our first option wasn’t “protective” enough, meet the CellBee heavy duty case. The case which is specifically designed for the Nexus 6 features 2 layers a Polycarbonate hard shell and  flexible Silicone inner core. The Outter enclosure is constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate that can take a drop from almost any height. The only down side is the added weight and size to the device. You can check it out on Amazon 

 Nexus 6 Tudia Protective metal case

Tudia metal protective nexus 6 case

While both of our previous cases were polycarbonate this one features a metal housing with a polycarbonate body. Like our first case, this one also features a kickstand to transform the case into a kick stand case. It is available in red, white and black. You can check it out on Amazon