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10 Most Amazing and Best icon Packs for Android

On Android you have the possibility to change the default icons on your device. This is specially handy if you are trying to customize your device, if you already have a personal theme and wallpaper why not change the icons so they can match better? Or you might simply be tired of the default icons already

We have taken a look and found 10 best icon packs for Android that are definitely worth checking:

How to install a custom icon pack using the NOVA Launcher

  1. In order to change your icons a custom launcher is required
  2. Head over to the Play Store and Download the NOVA Launcher
  3. Tap on your device’s home button
  4. A list of possible launchers will appear
  5. Select the NOVA Launcher
  6. Click “Always”
  7. Head over to the Nova Settings
  8. Click on “Look and Feel”
  9. Tap “Icon Theme”
  10. This is where you can customize your icons

10 Amazing and best Icon packs for Android

1. Minimal ($1.49) Download

Minimal Icon pack Android

2. Click UI ($1.99) Download

round Android icon pack

3. Stark icon pack ($0.99) Download

Stark icon pack android

4. Holo Icon Pack (Free) Download

HOLO Icon Pack

5. Flatro ($1.99) Download

Flatro icon pack android

6. Lumos ($1.99) Download

Lumos icon pack

7. 8-BIt world (Free) Download

8 Bit icon pack android

8. Flatee icon pack ($1.49) Download

Flatee icon pack

9. Banx ($1.49) Download

Banx icon pack


10. ClearPack icon Pack ($0.99) Download

Clearpack android icon