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Amazon giving away free $5 credit to spend in its App Store

For the next month, Amazon will be giving away free $5 Appstore Credit codes to anyone who wants giving users “yet another reason to love their phones”.

The free $5 of credit can be spend on Movies, Songs, Apps, games and pretty much anything that is available on the Amazon App Store. We took a look and gathered some Frequently asked questions and answered them for you:

  • What is required to get the coupon? In order to redeem it you need an Android device or Kindle Fire device
  • Until when will this offer be available? The Amazon page has a count down showing the time that is left until this offer ends.
  • When does the Coupon expire? June 30, 2014
  • How many coupons can i redeem? 1 coupon for each account, the credit will also be linked to your account.
  • Do i need an Amazon account? Yes, you will also need to download the Amazon App Store on your Android device (Kindle Devices already have it installed)

Want to redeem your code? Here is how to:

  1. Go to the following page
  2. Look at the “Time Remaining” and see if the offer is still available
  3. Make sure the Location is set to “National” or our country (located top left)
  4. Press on the “Apply Code” button
  5. Log into your account, one that has a valid credit card
  6. Once done, make sure to install the Amazon App store app on your Android device if you haven’t already or open up the app
  7. Log in the same account you used to redeem the code on
  8. voila, you now have $5 of free credit!
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Any questions? Make sure to leave us a comment bellow and we will get to you as soon as possible to help you resolve any issues!