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Why You Need To Be Recycling Your Technology

Our tech gadgets are undeniably one of the best and most essential parts of modern life. in 2019, many consumers are starting to consider how their tech use affects the world around them.

If this sounds like you, then you might be wondering how you can make your interaction with technology more eco-friendly. One simple solution that is friendly to both the environment and your wallet is recycling your tech. After all, just because you want to go green, does not mean you have to sacrifice using the latest tech – just recycle.

Recycling your tech is easy – here’s why you should trade in your current device instead of throwing it away.

Think of The Mining That Has To Be Done

Many tech like laptops and cell phones have valuable metal ores and other hard to acquire materials inside of them. These precious metals and ores traditionally have to be mined from the earth to create any piece of new technology. This kind of mining is often done deep inside the earth and is both difficult and dangerous to do.

This kind of deep mineral and metal drilling is not good for the environment by and large. The action of the drilling can potentially create leaks of toxic materials into the surrounding underground environment.

But the negative effects of drilling for precious materials doesn’t end there. Often deep drilling creates a vulnerable spot in an ecosystem above ground too. Mining can hurt humans and surrounding wildlife because of the dangerous materials and the smoke that mining equipment produces. When you recycle your device you take a step towards preventing damaging drilling – manufacturers can make new phones with previous pieces already on the Earth’s surface.

What’s great is that in large part these ores and metals recycle easily, which means they can be used again and again. When you prolong the life of these metals you cut down on what we have to take out of the earth.

So if you want to make and big difference while also earning back your cash you will definitely want to Apple Recycle your iPhone or Mac computer. Apple recycling allows you to upgrade your whole machine, or a just few parts while making less of an impact on the environment. This is one of the best ways to prevent mass ore drilling!

What Happens To Improperly Disposed of Electronics

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Recycling your electronics allows you to step away from potentially disposing your electronic device improperly. If you dispose of you device through a traditional municipal trash route instead of sending it to a special place or recycling it, that is a big problem. Improperly disposed devices contributes to the amount of the mercury and cadmium found in most municipal solid waste streams.

These toxic chemicals, which are deadly to most plant and animal life, are bound to leak out of a traditional waste containment, which is not built to hold them. Mercury and Cadmium leaks will ruin the natural world around your home. Worst of all they could effect and contaminate an entire waste containment system or even groundwater supply. To be safe and reduce the impact of these devices, recycling is the best practice.

In The End

If you want to go green with your technology habits then recycling your old technology is the perfect solution. Recycling your old tech is a great way to make an ecological impact without spending another dime. It is cheap, easy and simply prevents some of the negative effects of technology production from continuing. Aging technology that is sitting around the house is a prime target for recycling, and it is something that is easy to do. Go green and recycle your old tech today!