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Can i watch Blu-Ray movies on my Playstation 4?

If you own a PlayStation 3 you might know that you are able to watch Blu-Ray movies on your PlayStation 3. In a recent software update to version 1.75 which Sony has started rolling out today you can now also watch Blu-ray 3D movies on your PlayStation 4 (previously, it was only possible to play non 3D movies)

Bluray movies playstation 4

So, Can i watch Blu-Ray movies on the Playstation 4?

The answer is YES, however, it is very important that you update your system to Software version 1.75 this can be done in 2 different methods, lets take a look at both of them:

The manual method

  1. Download the Sony update from the official website
  2. In an USB drive create a folder called PS4 and inside the PS4 folder one called “UPDATE”
  3. In the UPDATE folder, put the downloaded: PS4UPDATE.PUP file
  4. Connect the USB to your Playstation 4
  5. Press the Playstation Button
  6. Navigate to Settings > Software Update
  7. Select Update via USB storage device.

The Easy method

  1. Press the Playstation Button
  2. Navigate to Settings > Software Update
  3. Select Update via Internet