Why we haven’t seen any leaked images of the iWatch

Once a picture of a device has leaked you can almost say the device officially exists, it is like a confirmation that all of the previous “sources familiar with the matter” weren’t talking out of their ass. Probably the most hyper product of 2013-2014 is Apple’s upcoming smartwatch called the iWatch.

With Apple’s September 9 event approaching an event where according to Re/Code we could see Apple unveil its new smartwatch, We have already seen many leaked pictures and components of the new iPhone 6, so why haven’t we seen leaked pictures of the iWatch yet?

All though we will most likely see Apple reveal the device in September, it won’t release until mid-2015 meaning that Apple has probably not even started manufacturing its device or it is in really early stages of doing so (source). Leaked images of factories usually leak when the device is at the end of production or in its final stages, something the iWatch hasn’t even reached yet. This however doesn’t mean that Apple doesn’t have prototypes or early models of it to show off during its September 9 keynote.

Apple has done this many times before, it did so during the launch of the iPhone back in January of 2007 while the device didn’t hit shelves until June that year,  with the iPad which also took several months to launch since it was revealed and 2014 Mac Pro.

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  1. Niels, you may be right. It could be that there have been no leaked photos of components of the fabled iWatch (if there really is such a product) because those components haven’t been manufactured yet.

    But whether it is an iWatch or another unnamed product that Apple unveils on September 9th, it is still very possible that Apple has kept a tighter lid on production leaks than it has with the iPhone 6. Remember that when the original 1984 Macintosh and the 1997 iMac were introduced, they were total surprises to everyone (no leaked photos preceded them), and those products went on sale almost immediately after the introductions.

    1. True, Jurassic. But in 1984 and 1997, the internet didn’t remotely have the reach it does now and digital cameras small enough to snap a covert picture were non-existent. It was much easier back then to keep a lid on things…

    2. HI jurassic for your info … the 1997 imac was shown to dealers a few weeks before it was introduced to the world i was in australia as a dealer and remember being absolutely amazed at the cuteness of it at the time

  2. “All though”???? Seriously? Don’t you need at least a grade school education to get a job writing stories for the internet?

  3. Good point, I worked there for many years, and usually leaks of hardware occurred around the end of the project, sometimes earlier, but rarely.

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