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Why is Remote Application Testing a Significant Leap in Digital Ecosystem

It is estimated that there will 205 billion app downloads this year. This overwhelming popularity of mobile applications, consister of users or customers who are smart and savvy. In order to fulfill their surging demands, organizations want to develop technological solutions which are “faster”, “qualitative” and “convenient”. For high performing mobile applications, a robust and comprehensive Mobile app testing platform is as fundamental as salt in food.

Remote App Testing as a Convenient Solution

The biggest advantage of digitization is the convenience offered by it. That’s the reason why cloud based remote app testing platforms are gaining popularity these days. Remote app testing platform unleashes all the geographical barriers and enables the testing team to work and collaborate from any part of the world.

Remote App Testing acts as a catalyst for speedy app development process

Mobile app industry is a highly dynamic industry where “changes” are inevitable. We know how savvy the millennials are, any delay in deliverables might be a deal breaker. So organizations are forced to implement high tech solutions like Continuous Integration and Mobile DevOps. In such a high paced tech environment, development and testing is continuous and goes hand in hand throughout the pipeline. So the need of the hour is to increase the speed of the app development process without compromising the quality and a Remote App Testing platform would act as a catalyst to bridge all the gaps that hinder the quality@speed app development process.

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What are the features of pCloudy that makes it a “Robust and Comprehensive Solution for Remote App Testing”

Continuous testing Cloud

pCloudy is a continuous testing cloud which facilitates the testing of mobile apps from anywhere and anytime. It is a comprehensive solution to increase the speed of application development process by enabling continuous testing. It uses high performance tools like Jmeter and Appium, Espresso for seamless execution of test automation. Hence pCloudy as a continuous testing platform would streamline your Mobile Devops where a ready to deploy code is always required.

Provides more than 5000 device browser combination

With more than 5000 device browser combinations, pcloudy solves the critical issue of device fragmentation, providing the platform for multiple devices to test the apps simultaneously in the same platform and also saves the user from spending money on physical device lab.

A remote app testing platform is a must to meet the highly evolving dynamics of the mobile app industry. Popularity being of the major reasons, the customers are smart and savvy, whose demands and expectations remain surging linearly over the time. We are thrilled and proud to announce the launch of our new datacenter in Singapore.