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Why Cold Emailing? Because It Works

Despite reports that email is a less often used method of communication, research indicates the opposite. Especially nowadays, email is considered a more professional and more useful means of networking. In particular, cold email remains one of the most effective outreach methods that a business can use. But while cold email can net as much as a 70% response rate, it has to be done correctly and in large volume. Has your business considered a cold email mail merge? There are many ways to do this in a personalized manner and get a great deal of business accomplished.

Why a mail merge?

A mail merge saves you time and helps you in gaining new customers and partners. But in order to have an effective mail merge, you have to create a personalized template. Most experts in cold email suggest that if you’re writing to a large number of recipients, you might want to write a few drafts first in order to perfect your format.

How to find contacts

If you’re looking to partner with specific websites, finding a site with a single creator is useful. This means that if you’re emailing the site administrator, you’re also emailing the content creator, and have a better chance at creating a partnership. Once you’ve found your first contact, you can help create a target audience by finding other sites that link to that first contact. A back link checker like Open Link Profiler is a great way to find sites that link back to your original contact.

Once you’ve put together a list of contacts, your work is mostly done. Popping the mail merge into Google Sheets will also help if you’re using Gmail for your services.

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What to write

One basic and highly recommended template includes a simple, streamlined format: a compliment to a potential client, services of value, single sentence pitch, call to action, and your signature. Many cold email experts will tell you that in order to get a response from a cold email, you have to include all of your information. This includes your organization, multiple forms of contact, and your full name. When creating a template for your mail merge, if you can max out a level of personalization, you can maximize the number of responses you get. Luckily, once you’ve perfected the format for your particular project, the cold email mail merge can then take care of sending this perfectly crafted template to hundreds of potential clients.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us all how much our world is both dependent on communication technology and how globally interconnected we all are. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are ramping up their business efforts. Services like Slack or Discord are increasingly connecting professional networks. Despite that, email is still the standard for professional communication. It appears that email will dominate the professional landscape for some time. Instead of sliding into DMs, perfecting your mail merge process is a much better use of your time.