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Which Technology Do Online Casinos Use?

Throughout history, casinos have always attracted large numbers of customers. Many are attracted to such popular sites and spend a great deal of time on this activity. This situation has become increasingly popular with the development of technology and the implementation of it on online casinos, which is one of the biggest boosters of the sector.

Today, online casinos generate billions of dollars for the gaming industry. Due to updated technology, these sites have managed to recreate the atmosphere of classic casinos and make it possible for the player to feel like they are physically in one of them, even if they are playing on their electronic device from the comfort of their home. But what kind of technology makes this possible at 22bet casino and other gambling giants?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This technology is at the heart of live casinos, as it converts all kinds of analog information (images, handwritten text, etc.) into digital format. In this way, the OCR software records every move that takes place in the gaming area (including everything the dealer does), and transmits it to the players’ mobile devices. 

Every single detail such as shuffling and dealing the cards or spinning the ball on the roulette wheel is captured by this technology instantly, creating the idea of a real casino experience, while giving players proof of the honesty of the game being played.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

Another important technology used by live online casinos is the GCU, which is used in each game and encodes the video that is transmitted to the players, as well as providing visual support to the croupiers to make the game flow smoothly. 

The software processes and converts the information about the cards dealt and the winning roulette numbers into a digital format. The data is then reflected in the user interface. Thus, players can see the winning cards and are automatically informed whether they have won or lost.

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Lighting Equipment

The lighting system must be complementary to the implementation of the OCR technology, as the Optical Character Recognition software works at close range and optimal lighting is necessary for a correct identification of the elements to be transmitted. For this reason, the studios where the croupiers are located in live casinos are even illuminated on the floor. This is something that can be seen on the best casino sites on the gambling market. 

High-End Cameras

The most important online casino game providers use high-end cameras in their games at each of the tables in order to give players a view of live action from different angles, both of the cards or the roulette wheel and of the dealer and the banker. 

This implementation of cameras allows players to have a clear view of the table, the roulette wheel, and everything the dealer uses in a live game. It is estimated that there are games where 15 to 20 cameras are used to achieve realistic results.


Finally, it is important to mention the monitors, which are essential elements of the game. These devices allow the croupiers to keep track of the players’ actions and the bets they place. 

This makes the game smoother and allows the croupier to have tighter control of the game because thanks to the monitors the croupier can be more attentive to the players’ decisions and detect those who do not act according to the rules.