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What is the average Google Employee Salary?

Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world with over 700 million daily visitors and more then 5 billion searches a day, everybody uses Google. It is no surprise that in order to make all this work and to keep Google the most innovating company in the world you need people that know what they are doing and you need a lot of them.

With over 50.000 employees Google is not a small company, but what is the average Google Employee salary? Can you become rich by working at Google?

5 Best Paying Jobs at Google

  1. Senior Software Engineer – $150.000 /year
  2. Research Scientists – $125.000 /year
  3. Product Manager – $120.000 /year
  4. Sales engineer – $118.000 /year
  5. Software Research Engineer – $110.000 /year

Average Salary of a Google Employee

average google salary

Combining all paying jobs at Google, from the highest to the lowest the average is $141.000 at mid-career while it is $82.000 during the first couple of years. This makes the best paying tech company among the list of big names like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook etc. which make approximately $30.000 dollars less a year.

You also have to keep in mind that working at Google comes with its perks, here are some of the biggest perks you get for working at worlds biggest tech company:

  • You can take your pets to work
  • You are surrounded by the brightest and best
  • If a Googler passes away all their stock vests immediately and the family gets a salary of $1.000 a month for the next 10 years
  • Free Gym and fitness
  • Free Food
  • free services like hair cuts, car wash, bike repairs etc.

All this sounds great, but keep in mind that getting a job at Google isn’t easy. You can view open job positions at Google here