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What Is OTT Advertising and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Our methods of entertaining and informing ourselves are among the most striking and rapidly evolving forms of change around today.

Since people are nowhere near as attached to traditional TV, you need to also upgrade the way you advertise.

Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising is the next wave that you need to embrace. With OTT advertising, you will be better able to reach and understand your consumers.

Read on for tips to learn more about this form of advertising and how you can take advantage of it.

Understanding What OTT Advertising Is

So, first things first—what is OTT advertising?

It’s the next evolution of ads and commercials, which are used to market to people that use streaming devices.

This means whether you’re watching NetFlix on your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or iPad, watching premium cable dramas on your Apple TV, Roku or Android TV, or logging into your laptop to watch live sporting events, chances are great that you’re being marketed to through OTT advertising.

The Advantages of Focusing on OTT Advertising

So what makes OTT advertising the way to go? Let’s take a look:

1. It’s Both the Present and the Future

Right now, less than 70 percent of people subscribe to a traditional cable package.

Traditional TV is on the way out in terms of it being the dominant advertising model since OTT advertising is gaining tremendous ad revenue shares with every year.

Since this trend is only going to continue as generations of people grow up and streaming devices become more refined and readily available, it’s important that you evolve your marketing methods.

What Is OTT Advertising and How Can It Benefit Your Business? - 1

2. You Can Better Target and Analyze Your Audience

While TV commercials air more broadly, you can better pick and choose which audiences you want to target with OTT advertising.

By doing this, you’ll spend your money more wisely, which saves you money overall. It also gives you plenty of analytics tools so you can study the people you’re advertising to.

In short, your advertising will be optimized so that you get the best return on investment (ROI) possible.

3. There are Several Different Types of Advertising

Another benefit is that OTT advertising is far from limited.

There are many different forms of OTT advertising, such as Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI), stitching, and Server-side ad-insertion (SSAI).

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface on these different advertising models.

Allow Your Advertising to Evolve

If you’re trying to figure out the next wave of marketing—it’s already here, and it’s called OTT advertising.

Since this is the way that consumers love taking in their content, you need to be ready to hit your desired demographics by using these advertising campaigns.

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