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What is Microsoft SQL Server 2017?

Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft’s enterprise-level relational database management system (RDBMS). These types of databases date back to the 1970s when an IBM researcher by the name of E.F. Codd wrote a paper that described the process of the system. From that point on, the concept of relational databases became the standard, pushing different companies to create products using the same idea. Microsoft’s version of the product has witnessed a lot of changes and improvements. Among the most common is the embracement of the Linux operating system, popular among database servers and web platforms.

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The Shift Towards Open Source

Open source is not a new concept and has proven that it is here to stay. Open source refers to software that people can publicly access and modify the source code of. The code and the executable itself can be shared. Many popular software, including the Linux operating system, run on such type of licensing. As the popularity has grown, especially among the server community, the adoption of such operating systems has become the standard for handling database servers, web servers, and email servers, among others. Therefore, Microsoft’s new version of SQL Server is set to support the Linux distributions of RedHat, SuSE, and Ubuntu. The new version of the server also runs in Docker containers, extending the attractiveness of the product for the development community.

Database and Query Speed

When databases are relatively small, speed and performance are not an issue. However, as the size of the data grows, queries to the database will begin to experience performance issues. As a reaction to the growth and speed problem, many database system vendors have adopted the concept of self-tuning to correct the problem. However, the results are mixed at best. This version of SQL Server includes an intelligent auto-correcting mechanism developed from the experience gained in supporting Azure, which runs millions of databases. The advantage is that Microsoft was able to gain insight on the use of databases and where performance issue arises, combining such knowledge with the Query Store feature to provide a better way to track query executions. The result is the development of an engine capable of identifying queries that lose performance with growth and time, automatically adjusting such queries to improve the overall execution.

Performance and Operational Usage

Database administration is a complex activity when managing systems that have a small window of time for handling maintenance tasks. For example, as data is added, modified, or removed from tables, indexes will experience fragmentation and require a rebuilding process to recover performance in searching and other index-related functions. However, this type of task can be time-consuming and can run past the allotted maintenance time. Previously, this created a management issue where database administrators could not perform the activities on active databases, thus having to forgo the undertaking. However, with Microsoft SQL Server 2017, the ability to pause and resume these tasks provides users with the ability to schedule the rebuilding process within a specific timeframe and divide the work in however many days are needed to complete the entire process.

Although there are many database vendors available in the market, several factors play a role in selecting a specific product. The combination of price, features and functionality, performance, platform compatibility, and specific use will determine which product best fits the needs of an organization. For small businesses, the sql server cost that this version provides is perfect because it allows the balancing of features and needs to meet a specific budget. When combined with a digital marketing agency that can create the perfect online strategy, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 can power an organization’s database, which is foundational to supporting their vision, mission, goals, and online presence.

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