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What Does the Future Look Like for Digital Printing?

The printing world has changed significantly over the years. Thanks to advanced technological developments, printers are able to produce much clearer and more precise results. Digital printing has managed to overtake traditional printing due to the large range of benefits it provides. Reducing turnaround time, lowering costs and improving results, it’s no wonder this form of printing has really taken off with businesses. The question is, what does the future hold for digital printing and is it likely to remain popular?

Digital printing will remain strong until 2024

According to Smithers Pira, the digital printing sector is set to remain strong right through until 2024. The company issued a report which highlighted that the entire digital printing market is set to be worth an impressive 225% of the value in 2013 by 2024.

So, why are experts predicting such a strong future for digital printing? Well, in short, it has managed to really improve the results companies are able to provide to their customers. Through various pieces of software, businesses can target each individual customers’ needs quickly and easily – with printing proving flexible enough to stay in touch with the demands of modern businesses and consumers.

Not only that, but they can achieve levels of colour matching that was once impossible. This has led to a reduction in production runs and ensures printers get it right first time.

Web-Fed printing is the way to go

One of the main trends in digital marketing that is likely to become even more popular over time is web press. In particular, it is being used for book publishing. At one time this form of printing was left behind due to the amount of waste, low quality results and slow printing techniques. The comeback is based on the fact that developments in web presses have systematically eliminated each one of those previous weaknesses, allowing the strengths of the web press to shine through. Now companies can enjoy more personalised and customised printing using this method.

3D Printing will get faster

There’s no doubt that 3D printing has caused the biggest stir in the printing world over the past couple of years. Now, according to Print Week, a large focus is going to be set on making these printers much faster. As it stands they have very limited capabilities, which makes them highly inefficient for businesses. As they become faster, more affordable and, as a result, more mainstream, 3D printers will definitely play a big part in the future of digital print.

Overall there have already been a lot of exciting and impressive developments in the digital printing sector. However, as time goes on and more technological advancements are made, it is set to become an even bigger part of the industry. There are some experts who believe it could erase traditional printing methods entirely in the future. Whether that is true remains to be seen, but current trends and growth rates suggest this wouldn’t be an overly-optimistic prediction. The trick will be to continue to drive progress to make processes quicker and more cost effective with greater options and flexibility.