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What are people Googling in real time

Google has several tools that allow developers to see what popular topics people are currently searching on the biggest search engine in the world and it has just updated this tool for the regular user.

Google has just updated its “Google Trends” page and gave it a completely new UI. The website shows what people are currently searching on Google. Each keyword is located in a small square that will change of colour as different keywords pop-up.

These tools seem to be getting more and more popular as live-social media updates also seem to be getting more popular. Take for example Monitter a live twitter trend website that allows you to see live updates on topics on twitter you are interested in seeing, also with the recent introduction of Hashtags on facebook we will most likely see more and more of these API’s in the future.

Google’s improved real time search tool does have some disadvantages at it doesn’t exactly show what people are searching. It only shows keywords, not questions. It has censured words like “sex” however it is curious to see that they haven’t censored the popular torrent site “The pirate bay”

Here is how it works: It show you the keywords that are searched and are located in a currently trending topic on Google. For example in the “Apple” topic (which is currently popular) people might be looking for Mac OSX Maverick or iOS7

Take a look for your self at Google Trends