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Video Games: Beyond the Entertainment Industry

The video game industry today generates more money than the film, music and television industries put together. With astronomic market revenue and global popularity, this is a clear indicator of what video games actually represent and the impact they have on people of all ages and walks of life.

Big Business

Who would have imagined that the invention of the interactive electronic game, patented in 1947 by Thomas Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann, would lead to a creation of a modern industry that now generates more than $91 billion a year? According to data published recently by the SuperData Research the industry is estimated to exceed $113.3 billion in revenue by 2018. These figures make the video game market the most profitable entertainment industry worldwide and a serious player in the world of business.

Already a serious matter among gaming fans, the industry is now looking to expand their reach in other areas. And in order to do so, the video game industry will take advantage and explore all available fields, that include Internet, tablets, smartphones, mobile devices, cryptocurrency, AI, 360 video, VA, geolocation, and anything else technologically available.

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Creating the Gaming Universe.

The general idea within industry circles is to create a universe around videogames. The figures obtained by the mobile segment mainly owe their success to games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, not to forget the Pokémon GO that to date has surpassed $41 billion in income. In the case of Clash Royale, downloads translate into $2 million in daily revenue in the United States alone.

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Streaming is another of the industry’s big bets. The world of e-sports already generates $892 million. Amazon’s bet on Twitch was ahead of its time. Having spent a billion dollars in 2014 on buying Twitch, it can now be a $20 billion company inside Amazon. This platform allows users to watch online video game matches live, as if it were soccer or tennis match, and other events related to the world of video games, interacting with players and other participants, which gives it a much wanted social aspect. Superdata’s forecast for the new categories, claims that virtual reality in a video game will continue to grow significantly during 2017.

More Jobs and Training

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The growth of the industry is also significantly contributing to employment opportunities in the field worldwide. Many list game design as one of the top jobs of the future to keep an eye on.

Video games are also slowly conquering all other areas of life, and in this case, the academic area, which is also becoming seduced by the virtual world. This hobby, at first, has now become an element of formal educational, in that extent that the academy has paid more attention to this segment as a way to attract more young people into the classroom. Working in the video game industry is the dream of many. Today this sector has experienced great growth with the emergence of new technologies, and offers opportunities to profiles as varied as programmers or game designers of user experience.

Written, oral, digital, decision-making, problem-solving and teamwork skills developed through video games are the future of education. Among the most popular careers today is video game design, with a game designer being the one who conceives, plans, and builds the video game, incorporating all the above skills to create a truly amazing piece of art. Due to this, more and more colleges and universities are offering programs and curriculums that are specifically tailored to provide all the knowledge needed to become a professional in the field.

With the use of new technologies, these are consolidated over traditional resources, as through practice and theory combine a simulation of a real environment with real problems that must be solved in the virtual world. It is a powerful method to teach, entertain and learn. The didactic offering video games with interaction of fictional and real characters, catches students with everyday contexts and challenges to be overcome as each game progresses. They are a plus that motivates you to always continue with the next and surpass yourself. It is an ongoing challenge, a world of open possibilities.