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Vegas: The Home of Casinos

Vegas is synonymous with casinos, but it’s much more than that. It’s an alluring city that attracts tourists from around the world to its wide range of attractions. Vegas also has good food, great entertainment, and amazing shows (from Cirque De Soleil to hypnotists). With all of this in mind, you might be surprised to learn how much there is for you to do in Las Vegas if you pack your bags and go exploring.

Get lost in the cityscape.

Vegas has intense energy about it that feels like you’re walking through a giant living maze. The city is filled with different buildings and hotels that could blend together into a backdrop for a cartoon if they weren’t built to such high architectural standards. The combination of modern architecture and classic Vegas casinos mixed with modern architecture and classic Vegas casinos mean there are so many different kinds of places to explore. You can even find some hidden gems among the highest-end hotels on the Strip, like the Bellagio or Mandalay Bay, which are known for their beauty but have many secret passages you can explore after dark too!

Experience the darker side of Vegas.

There are many dark places to hide in Vegas, but they don’t have to be scary. Las Vegas is the kind of place where people go to put aside worries, look for love, or seek pleasure. These are the lives that lead people to these with dark secrets that might reveal themselves at night, but it’s still not necessary to feel frightened or threatened by the city’s hidden corners. If you’re here with a best friend or date, you can go on a scavenger hunt for some of these places together.

Think of Vegas as fantasy land.

There are many places in Vegas you can visit to find the fantasy world you want without leaving the city! You can bring your fairytale fantasies to life with a trip to Disneyland or the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where their castles are inspired by actual Disney castle in California. There’s also Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, where you can feel like royalty while eating well-prepared food. And when you’re really feeling royal, just look for casinos that have crystal chandeliers or palace-like architecture! If you’re lucky, you’ll get free slots at their machines or a match promo from the casino.

Blow off some steam at a new spa experience.

Vegas is a city known for its gambling and nightlife, but it’s also home to some of the best spas in the country! If you want to get away from the Vegas scene but still enjoy some of its amenities, you can look for a great spa with plenty of themed treatment rooms inspired by things like Polynesian islands. Vegas has been popular spas that offer massage, saunas, and relaxation areas. You can even find one that focuses on treatments that use natural products like chamomile to help you relax and feel healthier overall.

Gambling ain’t for everybody.

Vegas isn’t a place for everyone, but if you’re not a gambler or don’t gamble often, you’ll still have options on where to go on the Strip. There are plenty of bars and lounges that focus on live music and drinks for you to enjoy without the pressure of a slot machine nearby. If you’re determined to see all that Vegas has to offer, you can find some gambling establishments that allow non-players too!

Love the city’s nightlife? Take in some shows! There’s so much to do in Vegas, and many activities go hand-in-hand with gambling. But if you’re not a great gambler, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time here. Check out these bars with no casino attached to them- they’ll help you relax after your day of touring the Strip.

The Chandelier is an impressive bar located on level two of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino at City Center. It’s one of Vegas’ most unique lounge areas with lush decor around every corner, including hand-blown glass chandeliers that dangle from the ceiling. There’s a well-crafted menu of tapas and cocktails, and the mood is set with live music, including chill jazz on Friday and Saturday nights.

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This swanky bar focuses on craft cocktails made with fresh fruit-infused vodkas, spirits, and mixers. The interior is all-natural wood, giving off an old-world feel to the atmosphere. The bar offers some tasty food options (for you grown-ups), including some tapas like cured meats, cheese, crackers and artisan cheeses. This award-winning mixologist is also known for creating signature drinks like Sinatra or Rosemary’s Baby.

This is not your average bar. Every part of the space, including the furniture, is hand-crafted by the owner with great attention to detail. The drinks are also made with high-quality alcohol, and you’ll notice the care put into each one. If you’re not sure what to order, try one of Victor’s signature concoctions. He’s known for his specialties like “The Tiki Love Potion” or “The Black Mamba.”

Located on level three of Mandalay Bay Resort, this lounge offers stunning views of the Strip. There are plenty of seats to relax on inside or at tables nearby for people watching (the free-to-watch TVs often show sporting events). The bar offers a wide selection of drinks, cocktails, and shots, making it a good place to have a drink with friends or meet new ones.

A DJ spins music from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. every night the lounge is open downstairs at the Cosmo Casino bar. The goal here is to have an intimate space for those who want to enjoy conversation over drinks without being too loud for those at neighboring tables. There’s a wide selection of cocktails that will change every week, and the menu includes interesting dishes like beef tartare or seafood skewers as well as sushi and ceviche.

Explore the Grand Canyon 

Nature has a way of taking over the Las Vegas Strip, just in time for you to hit one of the many casinos. The Grand Canyon is about an hour away from the city, and it’s definitely worth the drive. You can take a helicopter tour if your pockets are deep, or just enjoy the view from the South Rim. If you have time, consider renting a car, so you can explore the canyon at your own pace.

This is most people’s idea of what Vegas is all about- gambling! But if your heart isn’t in it, it may be time to explore beyond the flashing lights and loud bells. There are plenty of activities in Vegas that have nothing to do with gambling- enjoy them!