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Update Your Store’s Security Tech

Retail stores and shops are a prime target for burglars across the country. In 2015, there were over 713,000 domestic burglaries reported. A significant proportion targeted business premises and retail stores, especially during Christmas.

Most of these burglars are unsophisticated petty criminals. They break into the store through the front door or a window, take what they need, and leave. They usually strike when the store is shut and almost always cover their faces so surveillance cameras can’t catch them. The rate of domestic burglaries has been on the uptick recently, which is why it’s probably time to upgrade your shop’s security system.

That’s not the only risk retail businesses face. Employee theft and shoplifting are other concerns for retail outlets.

Better technology could help you track what your visitors and employees are doing while at your shop, as well as help you secure your inventory. Here’s what you should consider:

Smart Alarms

One of the best ways to secure your business is to install a comprehensive and sophisticated business alarm system. Well-designed alarms are able to detect motion, take pictures, buzz loudly so that everyone in the vicinity knows there’s something wrong going on, and inform a local security team about the breach.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors have been getting smarter and more sensitive over time. You need an infrared motion detector that covers all the vulnerable spots in your store. Motion detectors can be fitted inside near doorways and windows, or outside to detect intruders as soon as they enter the perimeter of the store.

Quick Response

A well-designed alarm system needs a panic button that can call for help instantaneously. Some providers offer their own quick response team. These manufacturers have a team of call handlers who will call you and notify you of the issue, and even help you sort it out. SOS buttons are another option for reaching out to the local fire or emergency services when it’s necessary.

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Image recognition

The latest surveillance cameras are hooked up to the internet so they can upload images to the cloud for quick verification. Some can be programmed to take snapshots if they notice sudden movements in the dark and send to the surveillance team for authorization. It also seems like cameras could be equipped with facial recognition in the near future.

Smart Tills

What better way to protect your business than to secure the till? Encourage your customers to pay by card or the NFC built into their smartphones. Cashless payments and a smart till secured with an employee card or fingerprint scanner is the best way to mitigate losses if your shop ever gets broken into.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips have been around for decades, but they’ve been getting much smarter over the past few years. Now, not only can you track inventory and prevent shoplifting, these chips can also help you monitor goods through the supply chain, understand how your employees handle inventory,and differentiate your luxury goods from counterfeits.

Retail stores and businesses are at acute risk of burglaries and theft. Better technology and smarter surveillance systems may not eliminate the risk entirely, but they could reduce the costs and damages. Update your store’s security tech to make sure your inventory and employees are safe.