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Top Gadgets to bring on an ecotourism trip

Planning on going on an Ecotourism trip? Be sure to bring these gadgets with you

Ecotourism, or the sector of tourism devoted to nature tourism and environmentally responsible travel to places where you can enjoy nature, has grown tremendously in the tourism industry. The IUCN (World Conservation Union) has stated that Ecotourism focuses on:

* Conscientious, low-impact visitor behavior

* Sensitivity towards, and appreciation of, local cultures and biodiversity

* Support for local conservation efforts

As such, the travel to Ecotourism locations is a bit different from traveling to a large urban area. Here are a few gadgets which are essential to your eco-trip.


When I was a kid I had a pair of binoculars that I would sit out and watch the birds and imagine that I was a spy at times. Well, now that you are grown it is time to upgrade those binoculars to a professional grade level. If you are looking for the traditional style of Binoculars, there are a ton of selections out there. Just ensure that you get something that is comfortable on the eyes and has a focus adjuster. However, if you want to take your nature observation a bit further think about getting something like the Sharper Image Camera Binoculars.

A GPS system

As a guy I do not particularly like to stop and ask for directions, I am one of those individuals that will follow a river until it reaches civilization or use a traditional compass and head in a “general” direction. The problem in today’s world with doing that is that most of the time you have others with you that do not share your enthusiasm in just seeing how things go. Ensure that whatever GPS you get has a typographic map as well as the capability to tell you how to get to where you want to go. If you do not want to use a physical device for your GPS, consider using an app on your smartphone, just make sure you pack your portable smartphone charger and have your phone fully charged before embarking into nature.

High output LED lantern/flashlight

For those trips which will have you outside at night (and in my opinion those situations are worth having), a high LED flashlight or lantern is essential. As a traditional fire smokes up the sky and requires that someone tend the fire, on a ecotourism trip, it really does not have a place. The LED light provides the high level of lamination while at the same time keeping a low impact on the environment’s natural state.

The solar powered pocket fan

Ecotourism in places with a high level of wildlife and birds, such as in Costa Rica, can get quite hot quickly. Granted, it is expected that you have enough sense to pack you some water and some comfortable walking shoes, but let us be honest, you do not want to stop every 10 feet to take a sip out of your Yeti Thermos. And where you could pack you a water mister or some other foolish device, what happens when the batteries run out or the water supply runs low? To keep yourself from looking ill-prepared pack a solar powered pocket fan. If you are going with a friend pack two as they will surely take over the device when the temperatures start to rise.

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