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Top 5 Games on Mobiles in 2015

Since their inception, phones have come a long way in their capabilities – one top function of phones today is to serve as a handheld gaming device. Supporting games such as online casino favorites as well as top graphic games like Grand Theft Auto, certain games have emerged as top mobile favourites.

Asphalt 8: Airborne
This mobile racing game provides both excitement and cutting-edge graphics. Set in exotic locations and featuring stylish sports cars, this game gives players the chance to perform stunts as they race towards the finish line. This game also includes a wonderful soundtrack to further enhance the mood.

With this game, players attempt to place panels down in strategic arrangements in order to create a safe path for a character on the run from the police. While the premise seems rather simple, completing the tasks requires a bit of logic and thought.

Cut the Rope
This popular strategy game takes its cue from physics puzzles. You need to navigate the course to get food to the monster, Om Nom. As players progress through the game, the puzzles increase in difficulty.

Words with Friends
Similar to the classic word game, Scrabble, Words with Friends capitalizes on the multiplayer play function, with social networking through Facebook and Twitter. Players compete against each other to make the highest scoring words they can as they go through the letter tiles in this game.