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Top 3 social media analytics tools in 2014

Everyday when you’re online you will encounter social media, whether its from visiting your Facebook page, or going onto Twitter to read what your favorite celebrities are up too, and without social media you are basically a nobody since nobody online knows about you. This is where businesses are becoming increasingly aware of this and are turning to social media to help market and promote their newest products. So whether you are a small business, an individual or one of the biggest businesses in the world, how would you go about measuring your influence on social media sites? Fortunately there are some tools which can help you work this out, so here are three of the best.


SimplyMeasured offers a selection of reports which cover sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Tumblr with Pinterest and LinkedIn to be added very soon. The reports you get are very business centered and can take a while to be generated, but they do have very useful information on how engaged people are by your activity on certain sites. If you wish to pay for their service then you are able to download a lot more sophisticated reports which give you ability to take a complete snapshot of your social media presence.

Sprout Social

The Sprout Social site is mainly aimed at  business users as it enables you to analyse your followers by various demographics and will even let you schedule posts on your social media profiles at times when they’ll be most effective, based on your followers demographic. You’re also able to manage multiple accounts at once and keep track of keywords so you’ll know when your product is being discussed. When you first sign up, you will get a 30 day trial, but after that it will cost you $39 (£25) a month.



Tweriod is a tool designed for Twitter that will help you work out the best time to tweet something, it will also analyse your account and give you a graph showing when your followers are online. It will then tell you the times of day to tweet something in order to get maximum exposure. The free version of Tweriod  is very basic but you can upgrade to a premium account for which pricing is then based depending on how many followers you have.


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