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4 Tips to Upgrade Your Home Tech on a Budget

Worldwide spending on technology is set to reach nearly $4 trillion by the end of the year. With an incredible abundance of technology now available to consumers, choosing which devices to splurge on and which aren’t necessary or aren’t in your budget, can be a challenge.

Here a few simple tips that will help you upgrade your home’s technology without breaking your budget.

1. Opt for DIY Installation

One very simple way to save money, even when you’re purchasing expensive technology, is to opt for DIY installation. Unless you’re talking about complicated systems that require an expert to install, in most cases, figuring out how to install it yourself is easy with the use of directions. The internet also makes it a breeze to find videos of other people installing the same tech that you’re dealing with. You can even read about other people’s DIY installations before you buy to help you decide whether you’ll be capable of installing your tech on your own.

When your new technology arrives, start by reading the directions thoroughly. If you choose to look up videos or online directions to help with your installation, make sure that you’re looking for directions for the exact type and model of tech that you’re dealing with. Subtle differences from one unit to the next can make a big difference during installation.

2. Shop Online for Deals

It can be tempting to impulse shop for expensive technology while you’re at an electronics store. With interactive displays that let you try out laptops, security systems and more, it’s easy to fall into the trap of falling in love with new technology without ever shopping around. Try to avoid this impulse.

Instead, turn to the web to shop around. With the internet, you can easily compare and contrast your options, read views and learn about advanced features you might not have known about. You can find out about all the products that a single company has to offer or learn about companies that might not sell their tech in stores. Finally, online shopping gives you a chance to check for any sales or discounts that might not be honored if you shop at a store.

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3. Prioritize Your Purchases

If you know that you’re going to be adding a lot of new technology to your home soon, you need to do a little thinking before you start shopping. Make a list of everything you’d like to have. Then, rank each item in terms of importance to you. Consider how much you would use something, as well as the benefits that it has to offer. For instance, while smart light bulbs might be fun, a new security camera system could prevent a costly, dangerous and painful home break-in. You’ll want to invest in the important items first that help you stay safe or save money, and save the “fun” purchases for later.

4. Check for Refurbished Options

Depending on the type of technology you’re shopping for, you might have the option to buy used or refurbished. In some cases, you’ll want to stick to a new system. But certified refurbished items like laptops, speakers or televisions can help you buy a better unit with more features, without spending the lumps of money it would take to buy brand new. Just make sure that you understand exactly what you’re buying.

From sticking to DIY installation to shopping online for sales, prioritizing purchases and considering refurbished, you can start upgrading your home’s technology without breaking the bank.