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This New Tech Subscription Box Will Blow Your Mind!

We love technology as it simplifies our life and makes it more exciting. Imagine receiving an epic piece of tech, chosen by a team of gadget geeks, every single month…. Getting excited yet? 

What is Gadget Discovery Club?

It is the world’s leading tech subscription box that allows you to discover a new and innovative gadget every month from the comfort of your own home. Gadget Discovery Club differs from other subscription boxes as they send you just 1 high quality gadget each month, instead of having multiple lower value products bundled into one box.

How much does it cost?

Gadget Discovery Club has 3 different subscription options (if you buy for yourself) and 3 different gift packages you can buy for your loved ones. While the monthly subscription costs $32 per box, the 12 month plan is the best value for money so it’s the most popular plan among the gadget lovers. With holidays around the corner, a gift like this one may be one of the best choices to prolong someone’s holiday surprise gifting vibe and definitely something you’ll be remembered for!

Gadget Discovery Club’s Story

This New Tech Subscription Box Will Blow Your Mind! - 1

Gadget Discovery Club is a men’s subscription box that’s all about bringing excitement to people’s lives through the discovery of new, innovative gadgets. Back in 2018, a friend of one of the co-founders, recommended using a portable charger that was powered by solar energy because he was having phone battery issues on a daily basis (don’t we all!). This simple, unique gadget completely solved his phone battery problems. He was absolutely thrilled at owning one and owed his friend for his great recommendation. This is how the idea for Gadget Discovery Club was born. He wanted to recreate the same thrilling experience, helping people to discover innovative tech gadgets that make everyday life… way better!

Why am I excited about the Gadget Discovery Club?

I always tip my hat to a service that aims to bring excitement to your life. They buy directly from cutting-edge brands & manufacturers, skipping the middleman, to pass on savings to their members. What’s more, you can return the gadgets within a 30-days hassle free, not to mention a 1-year warranty on all gadgets.

I suggest you check out and experience what Gadget Discovery Club is all about yourself, sign up for the service today on the official website here.