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The Importance of Data

The Importance of Data

Data is important, it is not just important, it is the central piece of our lives in this new technological era. The more data that we have the more power that we have.

At least this is what the experts are saying. This is very believable too.

Let’s take a look at how valuable data has become in our world today.

The value of Data

We are seeing various companies cropping up on the proverbial business map. Remember Google, it makes all of its make money by being able to sell its data to the advertisers. Google serves as a sort of publisher and advertisers flock to the platform in various ways to be able to reach an audience.

The product of Google is free. You as the user don’t have to pay for their product. You can perform endless searches and find whatever you want, whenever you want.

Life is good. The only issue is that you become the product and this has now become the norm.

This is evidenced by the value of Google, just look at the current market cap, they are valued at over 150 Billion dolllars!

Crazy right? It gets even crazier. More companies have arrived with the same business model of the search giant. These companies have tackled other issues and provided a different service to their base of users.

These companies are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and a variety of other applications which provide services to consumers. They also provide their service to consumers for free. They only charge advertisers to reach their audiences.

The value of data is evidenced by the valuations of these companies as well. Facebook is a public company and is worth a significant amount, it has grown to become a large corporation and has acquired Instagram as well.

Facebook has grown enough to be able to give offers to other popular social media platforms as well, ranging from Snapchat to Twitter and others.

All because they command the attention of users and allow advertisers to connect to them.

Data and You

It then becomes very important for the everyday individual to understand the value of our data and to protect them in every which way that we can.

It does not have to be that difficult to protect our data. All we have to do is follow a few simple steps.

We have to make sure that our data is safe wherever we go. This means that we have to make sure that we protect our data first by installing an antivirus and other software. The first step is always prevention. The second step is making sure that you don’t go around and input your sensitive information wherever you go.

You always verify SSL Certificates when inputting credit card information and you don’t say

unnecessary information on the world wide web.

The other aspects of importance in this regard is that of the need for file recovery software as well as data recovery software too.

We may make some silly mistakes when are at the workplace or at our home office, something may happen that might compromise our precious files. We will always need a way to make certain that we can retrieve the original data when that happens.

Value your data. Protect your data. Its worthwhile.