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The Terminator Returns with New Mobile Game

The Terminator franchise is one familiar to most everyone – 30 years old with five feature films, a TV show and any number of computer games for all of the big consoles.  The latest game is designed specifically for smartphone users and is called Terminator Genisys: Future War.

What’s the game about?

The game is roughly based on the 2015 film Terminator Genisys and uses the classic cyborgs versus humans theme where Genisys has been destroyed and Skynet is offline but the war still has a lot of fighting left to be done.

There are two options for players – either take the role of Resistance Commander or of Skynet Command Node.  This means you are either trying to save the humans or to kill them all.  The human command must face that their leader, John Connor, is missing and forces are fractured.  The aim is to rebuild defenses, military forces and recruit people to the fight.  Of course, you can also defect to the machines and destroy your fellow humans.

On the other hand, as the unstoppable killing machine, your goal is straightforward.  But rather than just killing people, you must instead try to reactive Skynet by constructing factories, finding lost battle plans and also kill plenty of humans.  And you too have options – you can become one of those human-sympathetic cyborgs and join the other side.

Game features

The Terminator Returns with New Mobile Game - 1

Both factions in the game have their own narrative and each has their own troops, buildings and upgrades, meaning there are any number of variations to enjoy.  You can go on solo conquests or join a clan to enjoy a domination game, taking over the whole map.  In solo mode, you can take on bosses of different levels while the clan games involve attacks of a more coordinated nature.  And each achievement unlocks new rewards.

Behind the game

The game has been created by Plarium, developed of top titles such as Vikings: War of Clans and Throne: Kingdom at War.  The MMO game set in the Terminator universe is free to play, though there are some options for in-app purchases if players want to gain that extra edge.  There is an option to switch off in-app purchases so if the kids are playing, there’s no way they make unauthorized payments.

The game offers cutting edge graphics and fans of the franchise say that the gameplay uses a better storyline than the film on which it is based, which was something of a flop at the cinemas.