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What Tablets Are Available?

Shopping for a new tablet is somewhat of a daunting task for many. But, finding the best tablet can be even more difficult. So, when the time comes to invest, consider a few of these models, and their features, so that you make the right move and investment choice.

Best overall


The Apple iPad Pro is truly something to marvel at; with this in mind, it will cost upwards of 1500 pounds. If money isn’t an issue, this is the obvious option. Huge display at nearly 10” or nearly 13” models, retina display, fingerprint technology and security, A9X processor for optimal speeds and performance, stunning, sleek, elegant, and who doesn’t want to watch 4K videos without a hiccup? This table will allow you to do all of this and browse the web, play games, and engage in social media and streaming, without a glitch. Due to the iPad being very expensive some catalogues offer different payment plans. For example buy now pay later, pay monthly or even pay weekly on tablets. Not all places offer these types of plans so you will have to shop around before you purchase.

Best in Android


Not an Apple fan? Consider the Dell Venue 8. With an 8.4” display, lightning fast processor, 2560 X1560 pixel display, Lollipop Android based processor, and only 6 mm thin. Who wouldn’t love this small, compact, yet extremely versatile and capable tablet? Best part, it will last all day even with wi fi running, streaming videos, posting messages on Facebook, and gaming. If battery life if your thing, and you simply can’t live without your wireless devices, this one won’t disappoint you in the slightest.

Best for the deal finder


Strapped for cash, or always looking for the best deal? Well the Lenovo Tab 2 A10 model comes in at roughly 300 pounds. And, it performs fairly well for this budget deal. Bright and colourful 10” display, up to 12 hours of battery life (of course considering consumption and streaming/wi fi use), a solid core quad processor, and sufficient memory and space if you like to stream, and run several functions at once while on your tablet.

It is hard to pinpoint the “best overall” tablet, as every consumer is looking for something a bit different. So, these are three top options for those who are on a budget or the consumer who is always seeking a deal, those who are interested in an Android, and those who want top of the line, and are Apple enthusiasts. Regardless of your budget, features you are looking for, or what speeds and display you seek, each of these offers excellent features and ease of use for the individual looking to invest in a new tablet and would like to find the top rated models and brands on the market today.

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