Telegram sees huge increase in users after Facebook acquires Whatsapp

Right after Facebook announced it had acquired the instant messaging app WhatsApp for a mind blowing $19 billion dollars, IM app Telegram which launched back in August 14, 2013 and is currently available on Android, Windows Phone, iOS (Including iPad’s and iPods) and even on desktop making it a true cross-platform compatible app saw a huge increase of user signup’s with more then 500.000 new users joining the App right after the announcement of the Whatsapp’s acquisition, the company lets us know in a tweet is send out.



Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp in both design and functionality, the main big difference is the fact that it is cloud based and heavily encrypted to ensure that users conversations are kept private. The fact that it is cloud based also allows you to use Telegram on Tablet and iPod not like WhatsApp which only works on Mobile Phones, it also provides several other features that Whatsapp doesn’t like sending pdf, doc, zip, psd’s etc. which are then saved in the cloud and on all your devices that have Telegram installed.

Facebook confirmed that WhatsApp will stay independent and will not become an app full of Facebook-like features, even then people feel the need to change IM app primarily because of privacy concerns, do you still use Whatsapp?

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