Study shows that most pirated movies cannot be purchased Online legally

Torrent websites offer thousands of movies even before they have been released on DVD or Blu-ray in high quality for free. This has created many conflict among big Hollywood movie studios and torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, but Why do people download movies through Torrent? One of the most obvious reasons is because it is free, but are the most downloaded movies available on other websites online? New data from PiracyData which keeps track of the most popular torrent downloads show that the most downloaded movies are also the ones which are hardest to download or stream online legally.

Top 10 most downloaded movies

The data above shows that the Number 1 most downloaded movie is Pacific Rim and it also happens to be that this movie is not available for Digital Rental or Streaming. White house down and Elysium are number’s 2 and 3 and they aren’t available for Streaming or Digital rent ether, but they can’t even be purchased Digitally. If Hollywood wants users to purchase their movies online legally they should start by making it much easier to download legally.

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