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Review: ConnectPal: A New Way to Look at Social Media

Content monetization has become a digital buzzword over the last seven years.  It’s a term that refers to the practice of actively making money from content that exists on one’s website, app or any other web-based platform. Designed to combat online piracy and plagiarism, content monetization also seeks to reimburse innovators for their unique intellectual property, art, ideas and work.

While the internet has allowed rapid access to a wealth of digital information, in its infancy, it failed to introduce safeguards and tools to provide early adopters with the ability to properly monetize their work.

Today, there are several techniques and strategies for businesses and companies to achieve this, including affiliate marketing, display advertising, native advertising, and commerce-related content. However, it has proven more challenging for independent artists and those that are self-employed to find cost effective, user friendly ways to monetize their content.

ConnectPal, a social platform that is based on an easy and affordable content monetization model, allows those that create high-quality content to build an organic audience while charging a monthly access fee.  ConnectPal’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for vloggers, fitness experts, podcasters, artists, authors, bloggers, and any other content creator to set up an account and manage subscription fees, audience engagement and interaction levels and content access.


The communal style of ConnectPal creates an exclusive social marketplace that is continuing to grow daily. Currently, the site features a robust list of celebrities, experts and notable figures, like comedian Tom Green, news correspondent, TV personality Jane Velez-Mitchell and American Olympic tennis player Vince Spadea.

ConnectPal’s easy to build paywall creates a reliable way for digital creators to monetize their work, which in turn allows them to create more exclusive, high-quality content for their ConnectPal community.

This paywall model is one of the most effective ways for innovators to get paid.  According to an April post inComputer World, similar paywall structures implemented by The New York Times and The New Yorker increased site traffic and readership, which lead to higher revenues.

While these large media brands have whole teams of digital experts to build their paywalls and while there exist a host of metric trackers and paid website building sites, ConnectPal’s content marketplace comes with access to an already large and ever-growing database of people ready to pay for content subscriptions.  The site also includes ConnectPal’s professional team who take care of all the complicated design, coding and technical issues. This makes ConnectPal’s three step setup process one of the quickest and easiest on the web.

What’s more, ConnectPal takes care of all the billing and behind the scenes management to ensure that ConnectPal subscribers are always able to access fresh new content and ConnectPal’s users are able to profit from the content they create and upload.

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