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Recruiting And Onboarding A Good AdWords Management Consultant

Making a new hire is a big step for businesses. It is important to get it right, and ensure you recruit the right caliber of person. 

When you are considering something as important as Google AdWords campaigns, it is important to apply the same rigor to your search for an external consultant. You are trusting them with the single most important digital marketing channel in your armory! 

Running successful Google AdWords campaigns is no longer a nice to have – it is an absolute essential. People will be carrying out searches on a regular basis for your products and services. If your business is not appearing at the top of their search results, then you can guarantee your competitors are. And once they have got that customer, if they provide what they say they will, you have probably lost that potential buyer permanently. 

Why do you need outside help with Google AdWords?

Google AdWords are easy to setup, right? Many business owners are taken in by thinking they know a lot about Google simply because they use it themselves. This is similar to using a computer every day, but assuming that you could carry out technical maintenance on it because you are familiar with the device. At best, that is a risky strategy.

While that may be an extreme example, in some ways trying to run your own Google AdWords campaigns is similar. While you may have more of a chance of doing that than fixing your laptop, AdWords campaigns are still a technical business. 

Even if you have the skills or can learn them, do you have the time to setup and then manage campaigns with the attention they need to be successful? The answer to this question is likely no. 

How to recruit a good Google AdWords consultant

Search for some viable candidates so you can make a shortlist. Once you have done this, the real work begins. Compile a brief description of what you have in mind from your AdWords campaigns. Include the products or services you want to promote, who you are trying to sell them to, and some idea of the objectives for the campaign. 

When you define your objectives, do not just think in terms of more leads. Think carefully about the volume of leads you can handle. Are you setup to qualify and nurture new leads? Is it better to aim for quality rather than quantity? 

Also think carefully about how your target buyers actually buy from you. Do they buy straight away, or is there a consideration phase needed? This is almost certainly going to be the case if you are selling B2B to another business. Be creative and offer some free trials or demonstrations. Offer codes are also a good way of winning new clients.

In your brief, include some idea about the budget you have in mind for the initial campaign creation and the ongoing campaign management. Being clear about this from the start will ensure you do not get any wild proposals that are not in line with your expectations. 

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Check your candidates’ credentials

When you get some replies from your shortlisted Google AdWords consultants, the next step is to check on their credentials. Are they as good as they say they are? The fact you have found them from a Google search is a good start for sure but do your own homework too. 

In particular, look on their website for some of their existing clients. Then Google them to see where they come up in Google searches. This will give a good indication as to the results they deliver for their customers. 

Also ask them about how your account will be managed. Will you get a dedicated account manager, and what is their individual experience? This is to ensure you do not end up paying a premium rate for a junior person. 

Check the costs

Ask the agency for an itemized breakdown of the costs. This is to ensure transparency about how much of your budget will actually go on the AdWords campaigns, and how much of it will pay the agency. You need to be comfortable with this to maximize your return on investment. 

It is also important to find out how your Google campaigns will be managed. This can be through your own AdWords account, or through the agency’s own portal. The former allows you to see your own metrics and test your campaign performance. If your account is locked into one agency, you can also lose access to your valuable past data if you decide to move on from them.