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PopCorn Time 5.0 is out with new UI changes, anime section and more

The PopCorn Time team has just released Popcorn Time 5.0. The new version includes a bunch of changes that will make streaming movies easier and a more pleasant experience. For those unaware, PopcornTime is a service that allows users to stream torrent movies for free, the service is also called “The netflix of torrents” and has gained immense popularity since it first released.

popcorn time 5.0 new ui

A mayor change that has been made with this update is that the software is now not connected to the domain any more, So all the necessary data for Popcorn Time will be transferred purely via Peer2Peer, this is done in case the domain gets taken down again. Here is a full changelog:

  • New UI
  • New Anime section
  • New Cartoon section
  • New “Enable Seeding” checkbox that will make you seed a torrent once done.
  • Search Suggestion – A new auto complete feature that will show movies depending on the first characters introduced in the search box.
  • Keyboard navigation
  • You can now even add movies that aren’t on PopCorn Time
  • Several new movie sources
  • A ton of bug fixes.

A really cool feature in version 5.0 is that you can now watch movies that aren’t on PopcornTime, a feature previously wasn’t available. You can download V5.0 here for Mac, PC and Linux.