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Online Shopping: Some Tips to Avoid Being Scammed

For some time now, online shopping has been a usual activity. What is true is that, due to the pandemic years that have had an impact on society, online shopping has been duplicating. In fact, some people just do the shopping via Internet, for example, beauty products on marketplaces such as Amazon.

It is a very comfortable way to get those items you want. In fact, there are different reasons that explain this reasoning. Firstly, by doing this kind of activity from home you can see all the available products and compare its prices between the different supermarkets. Secondly, you avoid spending so much time because you do not have to move around. Thirdly, you can do it from anywhere and at any time, which gives you a wide range of flexibility.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages when shopping online, for instance, you run the risk of being scammed… How could you miss all these scams which are occurring due to the huge amount of online shopping? So, there are some websites that deal with a wider variety of topics, such as Love my Senses, some of them even cope with the mentioned topic with total effectiveness.

Buy on faithful shops

This can seem really obvious; however, there are many people who do not take into account it and who get scammed. This may occur, above all, during the sale periods in which cybercriminals set fake webpages up with non-existent offerts of some products. For example, these criminals create webpages in which you can buy sexual toys and they give a detailled description of these sexual toys home-made or how to build them up. The main goal of this is to appear to be a loyal shop which has a great amount of knowledge about the issue.

The intention of these people is to attract users in order to buy in that specific webpages. Therefore, these people introduce their personal data or their card information and, in this way, they can steal them. Sometimes, they ask for the payment before the product arrives home and then the consumer never gets it. For this reason, it is recommended to buy on web pages which have a well-known name and which are very recognised. In case you are not sure, Google can help you to be aware of the true identity of this web.

Pay attention to HTTPS

This is a basic rule, make sure that the pages you visit start with HTTPS. The letter S indicates that the page has the appropriate security protocols to encrypt browsing data. In addition, for some months now, pages that do not start with HTTPS and use HTTP have been blocked by default in the browser. This is intended to help consumers avoid being scammed.

However, despite this latest security update, there are some stores or official web pages that have not yet been able to adapt this protocol and, therefore, they are not blocked when someone accesses them. Even so, the browser itself will automatically launch a message indicating that it is an insecure website and will recommend you to avoid buying from it.

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Super offers

There are many people who take advantage and play games with super offers that catch the consumer’s attention almost instantly. In fact, most of these offers, if you think carefully, are too good to be real; and intuition usually does not fail. This advertising strategy is used by many scammers who try to take advantage of customers’ concerns about finding certain items, such as a book explaining different sexual positions, such as the cowgirl position.

Therefore, even if a website appears on which there is a super bargain, unless it is an official website and the offer is reasonable for multiple reasons, you should avoid buying. Again, the most sensible thing to do is to inform yourself about the website you have entered and avoid being carried away by impulses.

Reviewing the product information

There are always those who try to sneak fake products, both on websites that have a short reach, as well as those more recognized such as Amazon and Ebay. Therefore, checking the product information is a fundamental step. You should consider the name, the description and the valuation or review of other customers, especially if there is someone who has uploaded a photo of the product.

In addition, when ordering the product, you should check the times, costs and shipping method. Sometimes, even if a product is promoted as a super offer, its shipping prices are excessive.

Being careful about hyperlinks

There are ads in the form of buttons that can mislead Internet users, both when buying and when downloading files. This means that there are ads posing as purchase or download buttons that lead the user to fraudulent pages or pages with fake offers.

To avoid being scammed in this way and falling into the temptation of buying fraudulent products, it is recommended to check, as mentioned above, the address of the website you are on to make sure you are still on the platform you want to browse.

In conclusion, on many occasions online shopping can be very beneficial. However, you have to be very careful when making a purchase on the Internet; because the scam modalities are diverse and there are those who are very ingenious in order to make money. So, you have to be very careful and take into account all the aspects mentioned in this article.