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New Trends In Social Networks

Social media are tools that are constantly evolving. It is of paramount importance for a good marketer to know how to navigate this constantly updating environment; monitoring every change, keeping up with new trends, and staying informed about what is happening are the basics for any social media management activity. Staying abreast of what’s new is the only way to anticipate possible golden opportunities for your brand and gain an edge over your competitors.

It is worth noting the growth of apps and sites such as tinder (a dating app) and Skokka, one of the largest adult advertising portals in the world, where you can find Ahmedabad escorts for a happy ending.

In such a vast and fast-paced landscape, it can be difficult to figure out which social trends to follow in order to continue investing effectively in your social strategy. Let’s discover the social trends that every marketer should keep an eye on in 2023.



Over the past few years, Instagram occupied the first place in the hearts of most social marketers. It had the fastest growth rate, had the highest returns on investment (depending on the industry), and (bonus) was pretty fun to be around. But times have changed.

TikTok has surpassed the 1 billion user mark, becoming the 7th most popular social network in the world and the 4th most popular after Instagram, if you exclude messaging networks.

Tiktok is a social network that allows users to share 15- or 60-second clips combined with music, sound effects, and filters. Clips include ballets, comic mini-sketches, musical parodies or lip-sync and feature super-fast and intuitive editing.

They are the viral “challenges” to which TikTok users are called, the real glue that makes the simple platform a real social. This app is very successful, especially among teenagers. As of August, the app was the most downloaded of all (surpassing monsters like Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger).

Why do teenagers like it so much? Because unlike other social media, it is “clean”: it is not yet overrun by advertising or fake news nor dominated by influencers. It allows pleasant navigation and a rather strong sense of community. It should be noted that this app prohibits explicit content such as escort videos. Furthermore, it has been shown that many provocative videos have been removed in just seconds, even deleting the accounts of those who publish them.

2. Instagram

Instagram is blowing up all over the world, capturing the interest and attention of people of all age groups. Behind why we love Instagram photos are some basic principles of psychology, and if you know them you can use them to make your posts more effective and see your Instagram followers grow.

It is worth noting that Instagram has recently created a new section, very similar to the OnlyFans app. In this section, the content creators and escorts of the platform can upload exclusive content in exchange for money.

At the core of the social network, Instagram seems to be the desire to show off and talk about ourselves. Liking other people’s photos is a great strategy for organically increasing followers and at the same time growing the popularity of your account.

Just the thought of sharing activities activates the reward centers in our brains. In real life, we talk about ourselves for about 30-40% of the conversation, but with social media, that number goes up to 80%. In a New York Times study, 78% of respondents said that the reason they share photos is to stay in touch with people. Also on the web, we have time to show ourselves as we would like to be seen and to develop a sense of self-worth, all of which are more difficult and time-consuming to accomplish in real life.

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3. BeReal

Nearly 6.8 million people have downloaded the BeReal App in the past two years. Designed to be an authentic, unfiltered alternative to curated content on Instagram and TikTok, the app has gained considerable popularity among young people right away. In fact, among college students, to be exact. What we are witnessing, in fact, is a real reversal in the habits of Gen Z. Slowly, younger users are moving from the “glossy” posts of Instagram to the realistic content of BeReal.

BeReal proposes to users the concept of “anti-Instagram”.Every 24 hours the application asks you to take a picture using your smartphone, responding to a specific request and strictly avoiding the use of filters. A new and original concept, which is enriched by the total absence of advertising and visible followers.

The intent of the application, in fact, is to entertain users for a limited period of time, so that they can enjoy their lives. Exactly the opposite of the scrolling addiction that is proposed by platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. And this seems to appeal greatly to Gen Z youth.